Section 63. Attach a Note to a Cell

63. Attach a Note to a Cell


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You've seen the yellow sticky notes that some people plaster all over their desks. The reason for their popularity is that these notes work well for reminders. You can put them on just about anything, and although they stick for a while, they come right off without removing what's underneath and without leaving sticky gunk behind.

Calc offers the electronic equivalent of these notes. You can attach notes to cells inside your spreadsheets. The notes can remain yours alone, meaning they don't print when you print the sheets, or you can print the notes for others to see when you print the spreadsheet's contents.

63. Attach a Note to a Cell.


Suppose you notice an anomaly in a report, such as a division's forecast is lower than expected. You can attach a note to that cell to follow up and find out where the problem lies.

Locate a Cell for the Note

When you want to attach a note to a cell, click to select the cell.


You can attach a note to a single cell only, not a range of cells.

Request the Note

Select Note from the Insert menu to request a note. Calc then displays the yellow note box beside the cell with a callout pointing to the cell the note goes with.

Enter the Note Text

The text cursor appears inside the note so that you can type the note's text. As you type, the note expands to make more room if needed. You can also drag the note's edges to expand or contract the size of the note.

Display the Note Again

Once you enter the note, you go about working in your spreadsheet as usual. Calc indicates which cells contain notes by displaying a small red box in each cell's upper-right corner that contains a note. To see the note in any cell, hover your mouse pointer over that cell, and Calc displays the note.


To edit the note, right-click the cell, select Show Note , and edit the text that appears. Right-click and deselect Show Note to hide the note.

When you print your spreadsheet, you must right-click and select Show Note on any and all cells with notes that you want printed with the spreadsheet. 2, Firefox, and Thunderbird for Windows All in One
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