Section 145. Use History

145. Use History


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After browsing the Web and viewing many different pages, you might find yourself wishing you could return to some previously viewed page and look at it again. The trouble is, you don't exactly remember the Web site on which you saw the page. Luckily, Firefox maintains a history of the web pages you've viewed, and you can use that history to revisit a previously viewed page.

Firefox normally maintains a nine-day history, including today. You can maintain a larger or smaller history file as desired (a smaller history file takes up less room on the hard disk). To change the history file size , choose Tools, Options and on the Privacy page, under History , set the Remember visited pages for the last XX days to the value you want to use and click OK .

Choose View, Sidebar, History

Choose View, Sidebar, History from the menu bar, or press Ctrl+H . The History sidebar appears on the left side of the browser window.

145. Use History

Select View

Open the View menu at the top of the History sidebar and select how you want the history displayed, such as By Date and Site .

Select Page

If needed, open a folder in the History sidebar to display its contents by clicking its plus sign. For example, open the folder of pages visited three days ago by clicking the plus sign in front of 3 days ago. Continue this process of opening folders until the page you want to visit is listed.

Click the name of the page you want to revisit. The web page is displayed in the browser window.


Although Firefox maintains a history of pages you've visited, it's only a listing of the web pages' addresses and not their content. When a page is redisplayed, its current content is shown. If you want to save the content of a page for viewing later (and not have it change), see 150 Save a Web Page .

You can search the History listing for a particular page if you like; just click in the Search box on the History sidebar, type the search text, and press Enter . Firefox searches its list of web page titles for a match. 2, Firefox, and Thunderbird for Windows All in One
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