Section 143. Search the Web

143. Search the Web


142 Navigate the Web


145 Search a Page

146 Browse with Tabbed Windows

The Web is a wonderful place to learn about lots of different new and interesting things, but to do that, you must find the appropriate pages. Firefox makes it easy for you to search the Web for pages related to whatever topic you choose. Firefox doesn't actually do the searching; instead, it sends your search request to the search engine you choose, such as Google or Yahoo!, which then displays a list of matching web pages.

When you're searching the Internet for information on some topic, chances are you'll visit quite a few web pages. Tabbed browsing can help you keep the useful pages open (even displaying the initial results page in its own tabbed window) as you continue to search. See 146 Browse with Tabbed Windows .


Search engine A website whose primary function is to maintain a searchable database of web pages.

Type Search Text

Click in the Search bar and type the topic you're interested in, such as "father's day" crafts . Typically, I place short phrases in quotation marks, in order to eliminate pages that might contain the word father's and the word day , but not next to each other.

143. Search the Web

Select Search Engine

The logo for the current search engine appears in front of your search text. For example, you might see a G for Google. If needed, click the logo and select a different search engine to use from those listed. For example, you might want to search, eBay, or

Press Enter and View Results

Press Enter to begin your search. A listing of web pages that match your search request appears. Browse this listing and click a link to view that page.


To search for information related to some text on a web page, select the text, right-click, and choose Search Web for XXXX from the context menu.

To add more search engines to the listing, select Add Engines from the search engine list shown in Step 2. The Mozilla Web site appears, listing various search engines you can add. Click a link to add that engine to the listing.

You can add the Google toolbar to Firefox, making it even easier to search the Web. See 152 Customize the Browser . 2, Firefox, and Thunderbird for Windows All in One
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