Chapter 17. Enhancing Your Work with More Features


128 About Macros

129 Create and Use a Macro

130 About Master Documents

131 Create a Master Document

132 About Sharing Files with Other Applications

133 Associate and Microsoft Office Files

134 Upgrade to a New Version

As we begin Part V, you'll get a taste of some of's more advanced features, such as the automation of certain tasks . If you find yourself repeating the same series of keystrokes or menu selections over and over in Writer or Calc, you can automate those steps to speed the work in the future. In addition, you'll learn how to manage more extensive Writer documents, such as you'll use when writing complete books with Writer. Maintaining chapters and all the elements that go into such a large, multi-part document is no longer a chore when you learn how to use the concept of master documents .


Master document A repository of document files managed as a single group , within a single window. Its components are called subdocuments , each of which might be a chapter or other composite element, but all of which together form a collective volume.

The integration of's programs is crucial to using successfully. Any document, produced from within any application, can contain functional components of any other applicationsuch as a Calc spreadsheet in a Writer document, or a Draw composition in an Impress presentation. You can integrate all these components together within's consistent interface, using far fewer steps than if each had replicated the functionality of every other one just to get the job done.

To be honest,'s integrated power shines in its support for loading and saving Microsoft Office documents, spreadsheets, and presentations. You can load, edit, and save virtually all Microsoft Office files within OpenOffice.orgfor instance, Writer can open any document you select that has Microsoft Word's .doc filename extension. There's a good chance you're an user yourself because you did not want to continue paying high upgrade costs to keep up with Microsoft Office. So for you, it's critical that opens, edits, and saves all the work you've previously created with Microsoft Office. 2, Firefox, and Thunderbird for Windows All in One
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