Generally, you'll start one of the applications by clicking your Windows Start toolbar button and doing one of the following:


You can edit Microsoft Office data files without converting them to format because can read and write Office files.


A quick way to start is to use the QuickStarter icon on the taskbar. Right-click this icon; from the context menu, choose any program to launch it, use a template, or load an existing document. The QuickStarter icon is available only if the Load during system startup option is enabled. To enable this option, select the Memory category in the options list in the Options dialog box of any program.

  • Select the menu from your Windows Programs menu and select from the list of programs. If, for example, you select Draw , Draw will start and offer you a blank drawing area where you can begin a new drawing or load an existing drawing into the editing area.

    You can start any program from your Windows Programs menu.

  • From any Windows Explorerlike window that displays a file listing, select any file and the appropriate program automatically launches with that file loaded. If, for example, you select a Writer document, Writer automatically opens and loads that document so you can edit the contents. If you select a Calc spreadsheet, Calc starts and loads that spreadsheet file. Of course, you can also select a Microsoft Office Word, Excel, or PowerPoint file and Writer, Calc, or Impress, respectively, will open that file. You then can save the file into a converted format if you wish.


    As 133 Use Both and Microsoft Office demonstrates , you can assign Microsoft Office data filename extensions to files so that when you click on a DOC file inside a Windows Explorer window, Writer and not Word will automatically open the file.

  • From any program, you can start any other program by selecting File, Open and selecting a file. If, for example, you are writing a letter inside Writer and remember that you have to update a spreadsheet, you don't need to start Calc. Instead, from Writer's File, Open menu, select the spreadsheet to open. Calc will open and load that spreadsheet for you. Writer remains open with your document loaded for when you're ready to return to it. 2, Firefox, and Thunderbird for Windows All in One
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