Section 83. Open an Existing Presentation

83. Open an Existing Presentation


82 Set Impress Options

81 Create a New Presentation


84 Run a Presentation

When you open a document in most programs, such as Writer or Calc, you usually start the program and then select File, Open from the menu. Opening a presentation from within Impress usually differs somewhat due to the importance of the Presentation Wizard and its appearance every time you start Impress.


Obviously, if you've turned off the option to begin with the Presentation Wizard (see 82 Set Impress Options ), Impress starts without the Wizard. Whenever you're inside Impress and want to open an existing presentation, you do use the File, Open menu command to open an existing presentation.

The Presentation Wizard dialog box gives you the option to open an existing presentation instead of creating a new presentation. If you want to open an existing presentation, Impress's the Presentation Wizard dialog box helps by displaying a list of presentation files from which you can choose.


Microsoft PowerPoint uses the .ppt file extension.

83. Open an Existing Presentation

Request a Presentation

Select Presentation from the Windows menu. Impress opens the Presentation Wizard dialog box from which you can start a new presentation or, in this case, select an existing presentation. Click the option labeled Open existing presentation to see a list of Impress presentations in your default folder.

You can also open Microsoft PowerPoint presentations in Impress, although these files are not listed in the Presentation Wizard. To view any Microsoft PowerPoint files in your default folder, or to browse to other folders for additional Impress files, click Open to display the Open dialog box, where you can browse to any folder location and select a file. Impress also shows a graphic preview of the first slide in any Impress presentation in the Presentation Wizard 's preview area when you click to select the presentation.

Although you would think Impress would give you an Open button, instead you must click the Create button to open your selected presentation.

Edit or Run the Newly Opened Presentation

Once Impress loads the presentation, you are free to run or edit it.

Open Another Presentation

Once inside Impress, if you want to open a second presentation, select File, Open from the menu. Impress displays the Open dialog box from which you can select a presentation to open.


If you want to close your existing presentation before opening another one, select File, Close to do so. If you've made changes since you last saved the presentation, Impress gives you the opportunity to save the presentation before closing it.

Select a Presentation

From the Open dialog box, select the presentation you wish to open and click the Open button. Impress opens the presentation, and you can edit or run the presentation. 2, Firefox, and Thunderbird for Windows All in One
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