Chapter 10. Using Calc as a Simple Database


75 About Calc Databases

76 Create a Calc Database

77 Import Data into a Calc Database

78 Sort Calc Database Data

79 Filter Data That You Want to See

80 Compute Table Totals and Subtotals

Although includes a full-featured database program called Base, it also supports the use of Calc-based database tables from which you can store, edit, sort, and report from the data.

If your data management needs are simple, you can use Calc's database features to store and organize lists of information without leaving the friendly confines of your Calc spreadsheet.

If your needs are more complex, however, you'll want to explore Base, a relational database program comparable to Microsoft Access that lets you create tables, forms, reports , queries, and views. You can also use Base to define relationships between different sets of data. That being said, you might still want to start working with databases in Calc so that you can learn some simple database concepts that will support all your data management needs.


Database A collection of data that is often organized in rows and columns to make searching and sorting easy to do.

Everyone trudges through a lot of data at work and at home. With the proliferation of computers, information overload seems to be the norm. Calc's database features enable you to turn raw facts and figures into meaningful information. Calc processes data details so you can spend your valuable time analyzing results. Suppose that your company tracks thousands of parts in a Calc database, and you need to know exactly which part sold the most in Division 7 last April. Calc can supply the answer for you.

This chapter introduces you to the world of databases with Calc. The nature and use of databases are not difficult to master, but you must understand something about database design (see 75 About Calc Databases ) before you can fully master Calc's capability to process database data. 2, Firefox, and Thunderbird for Windows All in One
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