It doesn't take long to become an old fogey, by World Wide Web standards. If FrontPage is your first experience creating Webs, you'll probably hear some "in my day, things were different" stories about HTML.

Before the development of software like FrontPage, all Webs were created by marking up text with HTML tags in text editors like Windows Notepad. Many developers still prefer HTML because of perceived limitations in software that creates these tags for you. They feel that you get more control over the finished product by coding it yourself.

You can be both old-fashioned and newfangled with FrontPage. You can view the HTML when you want to, and hide it when you use the software's graphical user interface to design Webs. You also can use FrontPage to avoid HTML entirely.

No matter how you do it, things are a lot easier than they back in 1995, the Web's early days.

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