Adding a Hit Counter Using HTML

It's possible to use FrontPage entirely as an HTML editor. You can take advantage of its Web management and maintenance features while you mark up pages, as if you were using Windows Notepad or another plain-text word processor.

However, it doesn't take a psychic friend to figure out that most FrontPage users will be content to let the software write its own HTML. If you're one of them, the main reason you'll need HTML mode is to add HTML-tagged text to a page.

The World Wide Web has numerous services that can enhance your Web, including free hit counters, guest books, and banner advertising exchanges. Many of these programs offer their services through HTML tags that you must place on your pages.

One of these services is FastCounter from LinkExchange, a company acquired by Microsoft in 1998. FastCounter is a hit counter that you can place on any Web page, or even on each page in a Web. The service is free, in exchange for a hyperlink to FastCounter's Web site.

Full details on how to join FastCounter are at When you sign up, you receive HTML-tagged text that must be placed where you want the counter to appear on a page.

The rest of this chapter describes how to add a FastCounter hit counter to one of your FrontPage Webs.

The specific HTML tags for FastCounter will be different depending on the account ID you receive when you sign up. (LinkExchange may also have altered the HTML tags by the time you try the service.) The following is an example of FastCounter HTML for account number 956167:

 <!-- BEGIN FASTCOUNTER CODE --> <a href= "" target="_top"> <img border="0" src=""> </a> <!-- END FASTCOUNTER CODE --> <br> <!-- BEGIN FASTCOUNTER LINK --> <font face="arial" size="1"> <a href="" target="_top"> FastCounter by LinkExchange</a> </font><br> <!-- END FASTCOUNTER LINK --> 

The HTML text for FastCounter is presented in a scrolling text box so you can cut-and-paste it to your Web. This text can be placed anywhere on a Web page. It's often put at the bottom, right above the </body> tag that closes out the page's visible contents.

If you have trouble finding the right place within the HTML view, switch to Page view's normal mode before pasting the code. Click your cursor exactly where you want the counter to be placed, and then switch back to HTML mode. Your cursor will be at the same place you clicked.

Figure 41.3 shows a Web page with account number 956167's FastCounter placed at the bottom.

Figure 41.3. Counting hits using FastCounter.


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