Chapter 38. Making a Point with Graphics

One of the easiest things to do in FrontPage is add a picture to a page. This is fortunate because images are an essential part of the World Wide Web experience. Without them, the Web might still be a little-known Internet service, scanners would be far less popular, and eBay items would be harder to sell because you couldn't put up a picture with your rare book collection.

After you add the pictures to a page, arranging them with other parts of the page is a little trickier.

During this chapter, you'll become an image-conscious FrontPage user . You'll lay out large pictures with paragraphs of text, and you'll line up smaller pictures with text and other page elements.

To feed the World Wide Web's enormous appetite for imagery, you'll also explore the FrontPage clip art gallery. This archive includes dozens of icons, buttons , drawings, and photographs you can use on your own FrontPage Webs.

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