Creating a Title Slide

The Title Slide is the very first presentation slide your audience sees, so it sets the tone for the rest of the presentation. The AutoContent Wizard automatically creates the Title Slide. When you do not use the AutoContent Wizard, you need to create a Title Slide for your presentation by selecting the Title Slide AutoLayout. After creating a title slide, enter your title slide information by simply clicking the title or subtitle placeholder and entering the appropriate text.


A placeholder is a box with dashed lines on a slide, which contains instructions such as Click to add title or subtitle or text, as shown in Figure 24.2. For objects, the placeholder will say, Double-click to add table (or chart, org chart, clip art, object, or media clip).

Figure 24.2. Enter a title and subtitle on the title slide.


An object is any item that you edit or add to a PowerPoint presentation; text, clip art, chart, and so on. This is unlike a word processor, where you work with mostly text. You work with text in PowerPoint, too, but the text is contained in text object placeholders. There are other objects, such as clip art objects and drawing objects.

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