Spell Checking the Presentation

While you have been busy typing all the important information for your presentation, PowerPoint has been making sure you're spelling the words correctly. You might have noticed the automatic spell check at work when a red wavy underline is displayed beneath a misspelled word. This line appears every time you misspell a word. You can fix your spelling immediately when PowerPoint tells you a mistake has been made, or you can wait until you have finished typing and run a complete spell check. If you've used Microsoft Word before, you will recognize the spell checker in PowerPoint. You can spell check your presentation in one of several ways, including the following:

  • Choose Tools, Spelling from the menu.

  • Click the Spelling button on the standard toolbar.

With either method, the Spelling dialog box opens and your spell check begins.

Every misspelled word or word that's not recognized by the spell checker is highlighted in the Not in Dictionary box. PowerPoint usually makes an appropriate suggestion in the Change To box about how the spelling of the word should be changed. PowerPoint sometimes gives you a whole list of suggestions to choose from in the Suggestions list box. To modify the spelling, simply click the correct word, and then click the Change button.

If the word is spelled correctly, but PowerPoint doesn't recognize it as a "real" word, you can tell PowerPoint to ignore the word by clicking the Ignore button. You have a other options when you run the spell checker just as you do in Word and the other Office programs.

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