Hiding Entries on Lists

If you have a vendor who is no longer available as a current supplier, you can hide the vendor's name so it no longer appears on the list. This way you won't run the risk of choosing that vendor by mistake. Also, the vendor you hide is no longer included in reports, although if you prepare a report that includes a time period where the vendor was still active, it will show up on the report.

Hide a List Entry

Open a list. This example uses the Vendor List, found by opening the Vendor Center.

Click the name of a vendor you want to hide.

Right-click on the Vendor name, and then select Make Vendor Inactive.

Did You Know?

At the top of the Vendors list, change the View to All Vendors to see inactive members of the list. Inactive list members appear with an X to the left of the name.

Did You Know?

The Vendor List displayed in this task is one type of list. This list, like the Customer List and the Employee List, are displayed as part of the Center to which they relate. The other type of list is a standalone list like the Chart of Accounts and the Item List. For these lists, the process of making a list entry inactive is the same as described in this task. To view inactive entries in a standalone list, place a check in the Include Inactive checkbox that appears at the bottom of these lists.

Change the Hidden Status of List Entries

Hiding information on a list is not a permanent situation. Display hidden entries by checking the Include Inactive box that appears in some lists, or choose to display the entire list as I have done here by selecting All Vendors.


When you display inactive members of a list, those entries appear with an X to the left of the listing. Displaying the inactive members does not change their inactive status.

Right click an inactive list entry, and then select the Make Active choice to change the status back to Active.

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