Entering Historical Data

There is a proper order for entering your company information in QuickBooks. Follow this schedule and you'll find the entire setup process to be straightforward and efficient. This schedule applies to situations where you need to enter historical datathat is, previous transactionsin QuickBooks.

Complete the setup process using the EasyStep Interview to open your new company file in QuickBooks, including deciding on a start date. Follow the instructions in Chapter 3 to enter the company's past transactions in the following order:


Enter all the bills your company has received since the start date, in the order received. These bills will be entered as payables.


Enter all the invoices your company has issued since the start date. These invoices will be entered as receivables.


Enter all the money your company has received since the start date. This includes cash, checks, credit card payments, and loans.


Enter the actual deposits you have made since your start date.


Enter the payments for all the bills you have paid since your start date.


Enter all the payroll transactions that have occurred since the start date.


Enter all other checks you have written since the start date.

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Show Me QuickBooks 2006
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