Creating a Timed Activity

Before you can begin clocking your time, you must indicate the type of activity you are performing, the name of the customer or job to which this activity applies, and the class (if applicable). You might want to include a brief description of the exact work you are performing and indicate whether this time is directly billable to the customer. You don't have to enter this information each time you use the timer for the same job. Once entered, the job information will be accessible in the future.

With the timer open, click the New Activity button in the timer window.

Enter the date. The timer defaults to today's date; you may need to enter a different date, particularly if you are entering time for work that was performed at an earlier date.

Select your name (or the name of the person who is using the timer) from the drop-down menu.

Select a customer and job from the Customer Job drop-down menu.

Make a selection in the Service Item drop-down menu.

If your company uses classes, make a selection in the Class drop-down menu.

Enter optional memorandum information that describes the work in the Notes field.

Indicate whether this time is to be billed to the customer by checking or unchecking the Billable box.

Click OK.

Repeat these steps to create more timed activities.

Did You Know?

The name you enter must be on the list that was imported from QuickBooks. If your name doesn't appear on the list, you need to first enter the name as an employee or a vendor in QuickBooks and then re export the files from QuickBooks to the timer. The same goes for the other timer information that needs to be entered from drop-down lists.

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