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Importing still pictures into a Movie Maker project is rather simple because you do not need to worry with clip detection. Each still picture is considered to be a clip in your collection. You cannot divide a photo into multiple clips. Movie Maker creates a thumbnail image of the picture to use for the picture's clip.

The order in which you import pictures and video is not too important. Your import order has no bearing on the order in which your clips will ultimately appear. It's the storyboard/timeline that determines exactly which clips appear in your final video, how long they play, and in what order.

  1. Select File, Import into Collections

    From the File menu, select Import into Collections to begin the importing of your source file pictures. If you've displayed the Task pane ( View, Task Pane ), you need only click the Task pane's Import pictures option under the Capture Video heading to start the import process.

  2. Locate Picture File to Import

    Browse to the location of your pictures' source files.

  3. Click File to Import

    Select the file you want to import. If you select multiple files, Movie Maker imports all of them.

    Import multiple picture files by holding Ctrl before clicking on filenames to select more than one at the same time. If the filenames are listed consecutively in the Import File dialog box, click to select the first one, hold Shift , and click to select the last one you want, and Movie Maker selects the first, last, and all files between. Movie Maker then imports all the pictures you've selected.

  4. Click Import to Begin Importing



    Movie Maker does not use clip detection when importing picture clips.

    When you click Import , Movie Maker begins importing the source file into your project's collection. The clips will appear in the Contents pane.

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