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Digital Video with Windows XP in a Snap
By Greg  Perry
Publisher : Sams Publishing
Pub Date : March 05, 2004
ISBN : 0-672-32569-1
Pages : 336

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      Part I:   Introducing Digital Video and Movie Making
          Chapter 1.   Start Here
        After the Shoot
        Your Equipment
        Editing Movies with Movie Maker
      Part II:   Shooting Videos Like a Pro
          Chapter 2.   Making the Best Video Possible
        Section 1.   Walk Through a Digital Video Production
        Section 2.   Plan Your Video
        Section 3.   About the Camera's Perspective
        Section 4.   About Your Video's Audience
        Section 5.   About Reducing Motion and Relying on Your Subjects
        Section 6.   About Shooting Tirelessly and Editing Relentlessly
        Section 7.   About Making Audio a Priority
          Chapter 3.   Shooting Videos Like a Professional
        Section 8.   Reduce Camera Shake
        Section 9.   Mask with a Blue Screen
        Section 10.   Add In-the-Lens Transitions
        Section 11.   Zoom Effectively
        Section 12.   Blur Your Video's Motion
        Section 13.   Light Your Video Properly
        Section 14.   Control Your Depth of Focus
        Section 15.   White-Balance Your Scene
        Section 16.   Take Low-Light Movies
      Part III:   Preparing Your Videos
          Chapter 4.   Getting Content into Movie Maker
        Section 17.   About Collections, Contents, and Projects
        Section 18.   Start a Movie Maker Project
        Section 19.   About Your Project's Content
        Section 20.   Capture Video into Movie Maker
        Section 21.   Import Video into Movie Maker
        Section 22.   Import Still Pictures into Movie Maker
        Section 23.   About Finding Video Content on the Web
        Section 24.   Watch Your Video in the Monitor
        Section 25.   Step Through Your Video One Frame at a Time
          Chapter 5.   Organizing Movie Maker Contents
        Section 26.   About Cataloging Your Videos
        Section 27.   Find Your Videos Fast
        Section 28.   About Movie Maker's Storyboard
        Section 29.   Add Clips to the Storyboard
        Section 30.   Delete Clips from the Storyboard
        Section 31.   Play Your Video on the Storyboard
        Section 32.   Rearrange the Storyboard
      Part IV:   Arranging Your Movies
          Chapter 6.   Working with Movie Maker Clips
        Section 33.   Watch a Clip
        Section 34.   Display a Clip's Properties
        Section 35.   About the Timeline and Storyboard
        Section 36.   Place a Clip on the Timeline
        Section 37.   Zoom a Timeline Clip
        Section 38.   Clear the Timeline
        Section 39.   Set a Picture Clip's Duration
        Section 40.   Repeat a Clip
        Section 41.   Take a Picture from a Clip
        Section 42.   Split a Clip into Multiple Clips
        Section 43.   Combine Multiple Clips into One
        Section 44.   Set Trim Points
        Section 45.   Nudge a Clip to Adjust Its Start Time
          Chapter 7.   Working with Sound and Music
        Section 46.   About Movie Maker Audio
        Section 47.   About Importing Existing Digital Files
        Section 48.   Add a Soundtrack to Your Video
        Section 49.   About Improving Your Soundtrack's Quality
        Section 50.   About Movie Narration
        Section 51.   Create Narration Outside Movie Maker
        Section 52.   Add Narration to Your Movie
        Section 53.   Adjust Advanced Narration Options
        Section 54.   Adjust Audio Levels
        Section 55.   Add Sound Effects to Your Movie
        Section 56.   Change the Movie's Volume
        Section 57.   Fade In and Fade Out Your Soundtrack
        Section 58.   About Finding Audio Content on the Web
          Chapter 8.   Simplifying Movie Creation with AutoMovie
        Section 59.   About AutoMovie
        Section 60.   Select AutoMovie's Clips
        Section 61.   Select an AutoMovie Style
        Section 62.   Refine AutoMovie's Soundtrack
        Section 63.   Add Titles to Your AutoMovie
        Section 64.   Finalize Your AutoMovie
      Part V:   Working with Special Effects
          Chapter 9.   Adding Pizzazz to Movie Maker Movies
        Section 65.   Add a Special Effect to a Clip
        Section 66.   Manage and Delete Special Effects
        Section 67.   Put Your Video in Slow Motion
        Section 68.   Make Your Movie Look Vintage
        Section 69.   Transition from Clip to Clip
        Section 70.   Convert from Color to Black and White
        Section 71.   Copy Effects from One Place to Another
          Chapter 10.   Using Titles And Credits
        Section 72.   About Titles and Credits
        Section 73.   Create Movie Titles
        Section 74.   Add a Title to the Start of Your Movie
        Section 75.   Add a Title Before a Clip
        Section 76.   Put a Title on a Clip
        Section 77.   Add a Title After a Clip
        Section 78.   Add End Credits
        Section 79.   Add Special Effects to Titles and Credits
        Section 80.   Freeze a Video Frame
      Part VI:   Sharing Movies with the World
          Chapter 11.   Producing Your Movie
        Section 81.   Preview Your Final Movie
        Section 82.   About Video Output Hardware
        Section 83.   About Output Formats
        Section 84.   About Sharing Video with Others
        Section 85.   Start the Save Movie Wizard
        Section 86.   Send Your Movie to Your Disk
        Section 87.   Save Your Movie to a CD
        Section 88.   Send Your Movie Using Email
        Section 89.   Select a Video Hosting Provider
        Section 90.   Publish Your Movie on the Web
        Section 91.   Send Your Movie to a DV Camera
        Section 92.   About Putting Movies on DVD
      Part VII:   Adding Extras to Movie Maker
          Chapter 12.   Enjoying Microsoft's Free Movie Maker Fun Pack
        Section 93.   About the Movie Maker Creativity Fun Pack
        Section 94.   Download the Movie Maker Creativity Fun Pack
        Section 95.   Use the Fun Pack's Titles
        Section 96.   Use the Fun Pack's End Credits
        Section 97.   Add a Static Video Title to Your Movie
        Section 98.   Grab a Fun Pack Music Sample or Music Transition
        Section 99.   Select a Fun Pack Sound Effect for Your Movie
          Chapter 13.   Enjoying Microsoft Plus! Digital Media Edition
        Section 100.   Install Microsoft Plus! Digital Media Edition (DME)
        Section 101.   Add DME Transitions to Your Movies
        Section 102.   Add DME Special Effects to Your Movies
        Section 103.   About Recording from LP Albums
        Section 104.   Use DME to Capture Music from Old LP Albums
        Section 105.   Create Labels for Your CDs and DVDs with DME
          Chapter 14.   Taking Digital Editing to the Next Step
        Section 106.   About Advanced Movie Production Software
        Section 107.   Edit Movies with VideoWave
        Section 108.   Produce DVDs with CD & DVD Creator
        Section 109.   Capture, Edit, and Produce with Nero
        Section 110.   About Editing Professionally with Adobe Premiere Pro
        Key Terms
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Digital Video with Windows XP in a Snap
Digital Video with Windows XP in a Snap
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EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2004
Pages: 169
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