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Many people with their own Web sites are able to perform their own video hosting provider service for videos they want to show on their site. Hosting your own video services often requires extra tools that you can rent or buy from your Web-hosting company so that visitors to your site can watch videos you place there. This technology is not always simple to implement. If you don't have your own Web site, or if you do but you don't want the added trouble and expense of supporting video hosting, you should rent a video hosting provider service. Such a service provides you with a simple way to place movies on the Web and give others access to those movies.

You can sign up for a video hosting provider directly from within Movie Maker. The first time you save a movie to the Web, Movie Maker gives you the opportunity to sign up for a video hosting provider.



Video hosting provider ” A Web site that enables you to send videos so that others on the Internet can watch them.

  1. Select File, Save Movie File

    To access the video hosting provider Web site, select Save Movie File from the File menu. You will be presented with several destinations for your movie. If you do not have a movie project loaded, go ahead and load one now so the Save Movie File option is available to you.



    Use a video hosting provider for your movies if the friends and family with which you want to share your movies have slow Internet connections or limited email capabilities. Instead of sending separate movies to each person by email, you only need to send an email with the location of your movie on your video hosting provider. Your friends and family then can watch the movie at their leisure.

  2. Select The Web

    Select the option labeled The Web to tell Movie Maker you want to send a movie to the Web. Even if you just want to sign up for a video hosting provider without sending a movie to the Web, select The Web and Movie Maker will eventually take you to the video hosting provider site.

  3. Click Next

    Click Next to save your movie.



    If you routinely display the Task pane (using View, Task Pane ), you can skip right to step 4 by clicking the Task pane option labeled Send to the Web .

  4. Type Filename

    Type a filename for the movie.

  5. Click Next

    Click Next to save your movie and display the Internet Connection dialog box.

  6. Select Internet Connection

    Select the proper Internet connection you use. If you select Show more choices , Movie Maker gives you the option to modify the quality of the movie.

  7. Click Next and Wait for Save

    Click the Next button and wait while Movie Maker saves your movie under the named you entered in step 4. A status bar shows the progress of the save.

  8. Click Sign Up Now



    At the time of this writing, Microsoft provides access only to the Neptune Mediashare site for U.S. users. Therefore, unless you use other methods to locate a video hosting site, you probably will use Neptune Mediashare.

    Select the sign up now option to go to the Internet and sign up for a video hosting provider.

  9. Select Video Hosting Provider

    Select a video hosting provider from the one or more providers shown on the Web site.

  10. Follow Sign-Up Instructions

    Continue surfing through the Web site and locate the type of account for which you want to sign up. Write down the user name and password you're assigned so that you can properly log on when you subsequently send your movies to the site ( see 90 Publish Your Movie on the Web ).



    Look for a free trial period in the sign-up options that enables you to sign up for a video hosting provider and try it a few days before you decide to pay the rental fee.

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