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Sharing movies is perhaps the most fun aspect of digital video production. With today's Internet-connected computers, you can put your movie into the hands of friends in Italy as easily as you can send your movie to your next -door neighbor. Movie Maker enables you to send your movies through email to your recipients from within Movie Maker. As long as you have an email program on your computer such as Microsoft Outlook or Outlook Express, Movie Maker will locate the email system and handle the interface from within Movie Maker.

After you prepare a movie for sending over email, you can send your movie to one or multiple recipients. Movie Maker opens a new email message window and automatically attaches the movie to the email. After you finish entering the recipient information and type a subject and message line, you only need to click the email message's Send button to send your movie to your audience.

  1. Review Movie and Select File, Save Movie File

    Click the Monitor pane's Play button to watch your movie. Make sure the movie is final and ready to be produced. If the movie is final, select Save Movie File from the File menu. You will be presented with several destinations for your movie.

  2. Select E-mail

    Select the option labeled E-mail to tell Movie Maker you want to send the movie as an email attachment using your default email program, such as Microsoft Outlook.

  3. Click Next and Wait for Movie Compilation

    Click Next to enter filename information for the movie. Movie Maker will compile your movie if you have yet to save it. Once saved, Movie Maker gives you the opportunity to watch your movie again or save it to your disk.



    If you routinely display the Task pane (using View, Task Pane ), you can skip right to step 5 by clicking the Task pane option labeled Send in e-mail .

  4. Click Next

    Click Next and wait a few moments while Movie Maker locates your default email program and opens a new message window. Notice that Movie Maker already attached the movie file to the message (you can locate the movie in your email message's Attachment line, which usually appears right below the Subject line).

  5. Enter Recipient and Subject

    Type the email address or addresses (separated by semicolons if you want to send to multiple recipients) in the To field. Optionally, you can send a carbon copy or a blind carbon copy to more than one person. Type a meaningful subject in the Subject field so your recipients will have a good idea of what you are sending. For example, the subject Judy's Birthday Video from 11/8/04 would be much more useful for such a video attachment than a title such as Movie . The Movie subject might even cause your recipients to delete the message without ever looking at it, thinking it is spam.



    Carbon copy ” Email terminology, typically designated by the Cc field, to recipients of an email who are not designated as the primary recipient that appears in the To field. The regular recipient in the To field will see that a copy was also sent to the Cc field's email address.

    Blind carbon copy ” Email terminology, typically designated by the Bcc field, to recipients of an email who are to receive a copy of the email without the primary or carbon copy recipients knowing the copy was sent.

  6. Type Message

    Type a message in the large area at the bottom of the email. You might want to give a background of the movie you're attaching. You could even be creative and use this message body for your family's holiday newsletter, and the attached movie could be an annual Happy Holidays video from your family to the recipient's family.

  7. Click Send

    Click Send to send the movie. If you have a dial-up connection and are not currently logged into the Internet, your connection should dial and the message will go to its recipient list.

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