Running the Final Version

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Now you're ready to run the final version of SimpleMUD. You would compile it just as you compiled the previous two MUDs. (Complete instructions are in Appendix A on the CD.) Once you have SimpleMUD compiled, you can run the MUD, then Telnet into it on port 5100 (just as with the previous versions), and play around!

Figure 10.3 shows an example of my ultra -powerful (cheating!) character beating the tar out of a poor monkey and a thug. It doesn't show up well in black-and-white, but the colors used by the server in a Telnet client make the output much clearer.

Figure 10.3. A player attacking and killing a rabid monkey and a thug within the SimpleMUD.


Figure 10.4 shows a more active battle, with a new player and the thug again. Woe is me. The player fought in vain and died. You can see the player drop money and an item when he dies.

Figure 10.4. A player (who isn't cheating) valiantly fighting a dastardly thug.


You may notice that the figures show some text that looks a little strange . For example, you can see in Figure 10.4: [9/12] aThug swings at Gandalf but misses! The letter "a" before "Thug" seems out of place, but that's just the nature of Telnet.

I typed the letter a when I was trying to attack the thug. But before I could press Enter, the thug attacked me, and the message that he attacked me was added onto the end of whatever I had already typed in.

Depending on what kind of Telnet client you use, you may or may not see this behavior. I was using the Telnet program of Windows XP.

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