Chapter 7. Designing the SimpleMUD

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Chapter 7. Designing the SimpleMUD

Until now, this book has focused on teaching networking and building the three main libraries that are used throughout the book. Little about actual MUDs has been discussed. You must be bored to death! Unfortunately, those things are essential to the groundwork of a MUD, so they were necessary. As they say, work comes before play.

Have no fear. This is where things get interesting! In this part of the book, I introduce you to the basics of MUD programming concepts, in an attempt to show you how they are structured.

The culmination of Part Two is creating a complete MUD, dubbed "SimpleMUD." Obviously, this MUD is going to be fairly straightforward to demonstrate the fundamentals of MUD programming.

This chapter is dedicated to designing the MUD and doing so before a single line of code is written. This is an important part of programming, because you need to understand exactly what you want to do before you start doing it. Many programmers fail to design things up front and adopt a "shoot from the hip" attitude about game programming. Most of their projects fail miserably, because by the time they are months into coding, they realize that they should have allowed for more flexibility. By the time they get to that point, the project is a disaster.

In this chapter, you will learn:

  • Choose game attributes

  • Choose a setting

  • Determine player attributes

  • Determine attributes for items

  • Determine enemy attributes

  • Select a map system

  • Select special rooms

  • Track store items

  • Develop the combat system

  • Select commands

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