Chapter Seven. Creative Suite Integration

So this is where Adobe's decision to bring the products together into one suite really comes to fruition. The very word, suite, can't be attached to software without people expecting an incredible level of integration between the products that's never been realized before. Happily, Adobe has met the expectation with Creative Suite 2. Very few other software companies have enjoyed this kind of interoperability among their applications as Adobe has. Whether you're bringing Illustrator artwork into Photoshop or considering how to take your InDesign document to GoLive, the Creative Suite is there to answer the call.

With CS2, you can move your creative elements freely between the applications while maintaining a considerable amount of editability. Have a Photoshop file you'd like to integrate and continue to work with in Illustrator? No problem. Do you want to turn off a layer in your placed Photoshop file without leaving InDesign? Sure, why not? These are the types of features and capabilities a suite promises, and without question CS2 delivers.

Here are some of my favorite integration points within the suite. They mainly focus on bringing elements of a document over into another CS2 application while keeping (or sometimes even gaining) as much flexibility as possible as you move forward in your workflow.

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