Section 94. Exploring the Version Cue Administration Utility

#94. Exploring the Version Cue Administration Utility

Although much of what you use Version Cue for can be accomplished through Bridge and the other CS2 applications, you may need to open the Version Cue Administration utility to complete some of the more advanced tasks that can't be done elsewhere. The utility is meant to accomplish the more administrative-related tasks, such as managing users and their project privileges, starting a Web-based PDF review, or backing up Version Cue projects. All are very helpful features that you may be interested in, depending on how much you embrace Version Cue in your creative workflow.

Changing the System Admin Password

Once you've logged into the utility as system administrator, it's a good idea to change the default password to ensure it remains protected and also to gain the ability to administer Version Cue from another computer. You won't be able to log in as system administrator from another network location until this password has been changed. To change the password, go to the Users tab in the utility window and click on System Administrator from within the Admin Access Level list. Enter a new password, enter it again in the Verify Password field, and then click the Save button in the header above.

The Version Cue Administration utility is accessed via your browser. To load the utility, select Advanced Administration from the Version Cue menu (Mac) or the Version Cue system tray icon (Windows) (see #15). The Administration login page opens in your browser. When the Creative Suite is first installed, Version Cue creates a default user login with administrator privileges. Enter "system/" as the login as well as the password. Then click the Login button.

Once you've successfully logged into the Administration utility, you'll be taken to the Administration window (Figure 94a). Here's what you'll find:

Figure 94a. Although you can use Version Cue without ever launching the Administration utility, you may want to use this utility for more advanced control over users and projects.

  • The Home tab. This tab offers links to common administrative tasks, such as adding and editing users, removing old versions, and creating new projects.

  • The Users tab allows you to add new users to Version Cue and easily assign them an access level and project specific privileges (Figure 94b).

    Figure 94b. The Users page lets you add additional members to your Version Cue and assign them limited or unrestricted privileges over each project.

  • From the Projects tab, you can create new projects and manage existing projects. You can also see how much disk space each project is using up and choose to back them up from here (see #95).

  • The Advanced tab includes tools for importing Version Cue 1.0 data, setting preferences for Version Cue, backing up the entire Version Cue Workspace, and accessing logs and reports.

Just above the Advanced tab is the Version Cue CS2 PDF Review link. Clicking this link directs you to the Review area of the utility so you can create a Web-based PDF review (see #96).

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