Section 86. Batch Rename Files in Bridge

#86. Batch Rename Files in Bridge

Many of the images we retrieve from our digital cameras are named with incredibly descriptive titles such as IMG_1899.JPG. And yes, you could argue that filenames really aren't as important as they once were since we can now rely on Bridge to actually show us the image files to select from. But still, you may want to better name your image files for those situations where Bridge may not be available to you or others dealing with your files. Funny enough, Bridge can actually help you batch rename multiple files for those times when Bridge isn't available.

Applying Keywords

Since Bridge is a brand-new application to the suite, you may not know that it includes the ability to add keywords to files. Keywords allow you to easily find files later on by just searching on that keyword. To assign a keyword to selected files in Bridge, switch to the Keywords panel (it's grouped with the Metadata panel in the lower-left corner of the Bridge window by default). Just check any of the keywords you'd like to assign. You can add your own keywords by clicking the New Keyword button at the bottom of the panel. Once keywords are assigned to your files, you can use the Find command in Bridge to quickly locate them.

Here's how to quickly batch rename files in Bridge:


Select the files you want to rename from the main area or by using the Folders pane. Selecting folders from within the Folders pane inherently selects the folder's contents.


Choose Tools > Batch Rename or use the keyboard shortcut: Shift+Command+R (Mac) or Shift+Control+R (Windows).


In the Batch Rename dialog (Figure 86), select the destination of your renamed files. You can choose to keep the renamed files in the same folder or copy or move them to a different folder. Click the Browse button and choose a destination if you opt to copy or move your renamed files to a different folder.

Figure 86. Bridge's Batch Rename command makes quick work of your file naming needs. It offers a set of useful options to help specify how your files should be named.


In the New Filenames area of the dialog, select options from the element menus or enter text to construct your file-renaming scheme. Click the plus or minus buttons to add or subtract elements to your file naming scheme. You can then glance at the Preview area to see how the files will actually be renamed.


You have a couple of additional options to choose from the aptly named Options area of the dialog. Select any additional operating systems you'd like your filenames to be compatible with. Your current operating system is checked by default and can't be unchecked. If you'd like Bridge to preserve the original filename in the metadata, be sure to select the Preserve current filename in XMP Metadata option.


Click the Rename button to let Bridge loose on your inadequately named files. Next thing you know, you'll have all your files renamed just as you specified.

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