Question 5

Answer C is correct. Single-user startup uses the m switch. The minimal configuration startup (-f) starts an instance of SQL Server with minimal configuration. The option is useful if the setting of a configuration value (for example, overcommitting memory) has prevented the server from starting. The option enables the sp_configure allow updates option. By default, allow updates is disabled.

For more information, see the following sources:

  • Chapter 1, "Installing and Configuring SQL Server 2005"

  • SQL Server 2005 Books Online: "SQL Server Database Engine, Administration How-to Topics, Managing Services How-to Topics, Managing SQL Server from the Command Prompt Using sqlservr.exe, How to: Start an Instance of SQL Server (sqlservr.exe)"

  • "Using Startup Options,"

  • Within MSDN Library, go to MSDN Home, MSDN Library, Servers and Enterprise Development, SQL Server, SQL Server 2000, Starting, Pausing, and Stopping SQL Server, Starting SQL Server, Using Startup Options.

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