List of Tables

Chapter 2: J2EE Servlets, Java Server Pages, and Web Services

Table 2-1: J2EE Technologies
Table 2-2: Classes and Interfaces in the javax.servlet Package
Table 2-3: Classes and Interfaces in the javax.servlet.http Package
Table 2-4: JSP Tags
Table 2-5: Attributes Supported by the page Directive
Table 2-6: Methods Used to Convert Expression Values into Strings
Table 2-7: JSP Implicit Objects and APIs for HTTP Applications

Chapter 3: Enterprise JavaBeans, Interfaces, and JDBC Persistence

Table 3-1: EJB Elements by Bean Type
Table 3-2: Borland Enterprise Server Components
Table 3-3: Comparing CMP and BMP Entity Bean Characteristics
Table 3-4: SQL Statements Map to Bean Methods

Chapter 4: RMI-IIOP, the JNDI, and Deployment Descriptors

Table 4-1: <ejb-jar> Subelements
Table 4-2: <session> and <entity> Elements
Table 4-3: <message-driven> Elements

Chapter 5: .NET Language Integration Components

Table 5-1: Type Class (Partial Listing)
Table 5-2: Manifest Intermediate Language Tags
Table 5-3: System.Reflection.Emit Types
Table 5-4: .NET Namespaces
Table 5-5: Microsoft .NET Intrinsic Types and Their Representations in Other Languages

Chapter 6: ASP.NET Architecture

Table 6-1: ASP.NET Page Directives
Table 6-2: Creating a Web Input Form

Chapter 7: ASP.NET and Web Services

Table 7-1: System.Web.Services Namespace Descriptions

Chapter 8: Interoperability Solutions from Third-Party Vendors

Table 8-1: JNBridgePro Development Components

.NET & J2EE Interoperability
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