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Chapter 7: ASP.NET and Web Services

Listing 7-1: SOAP request-response example
Listing 7-2: Defining a child node within the SOAP envelope
Listing 7-3: Using the mustUnderstand attribute
Listing 7-4: Setting the next recipient
Listing 7-5: Web services error handling
Listing 7-6: IFCEBrokerageFirm web service code
Listing 7-7: Adding the Description attribute
Listing 7-8: Sample documentation for IFCEBrokerageFirm
Listing 7-9: HTML-based documentation
Listing 7-10: IFCEBrokerageFirm WSDL file
Listing 7-11: IFCEBrokerageFirm.asmx WSDL file

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