int cosim_logwindow_fwrite(cosim_logwindow log,                            const char *format, ...); 

Header File



This function writes a formatted message to an Application Monitor log window. This function may be called from anyplace in an application.


The arguments for cosim_logwindow_fwrite are as follows:

cosim_logwindow log

A log window pointer as returned by a preceding call to function cosim_logwindow_create.

const char *format

A null-terminated character string representing the format string for the message to be written, followed by zero or more arguments. Format strings and formatting characters follow the same rules as the standard C printf function.

Return Value

Returns 1 if successful. Returns 0 (and sets co_errno to CO_ENULL_PTR) if the log argument is NULL.

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    Practical FPGA Programming in C
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