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Equilibrium’s DeBabelizer Pro 5 by Equilibrium is an automating media production tool that allows you to automatically acquire, edit, optimize, and convert countless images of various formats. Version 5 has embedded Digimarc digital watermarks or a composite logo to right-protect your images, scripting to batch multiple commands, compress, and convert QuickTime, AVI, and RealVideo, and enhanced GIF and JPEG compression.

The DeBabelizer Pro 5.0 includes “hot folder processing,” which enables numerous files to be placed in designated folders, “watch me” scripting, which mimics your execution and scripts the operation for you, a “global log” of all executed and error operations, the ability to sort and reorder batch lists, conditional scripting, inline scripting to click on a command and instantly edit a script or modify the settings, and the ability to manipulate an image in high quality scale. It also includes the ability to flip, rotate, trim, resize canvas, plus change the intensity, contrast, gamma, hue, saturation, and brightness in full preview. Channels control allows for quick viewing of the RGB and alpha (invisible color) channels. The Ultimate Palette Optimization feature allows for generating the best palette for an image, series of images, or frames; it also has the ability to set pixel depth, reduce colors, and control dithering, merge multiple palettes, equalize palettes (better distribution of color and saturation), set palette and remap to any of the 28 built-in palettes, remove unused or duplicate colors; plus it has the ability to remove the Ultramat (blue screen hue range), shave or outline an image, field interpolation to clean up video and rendered animations on a scan line level, and NTSC and PAL Hot Pixel Fixer (guarantees all colors conform to video display limitation standards).

Windows system requirements are a 486 or better (Pentium recommended), Windows 95, 98, Me, NT (Service Pack 6), 2000 (Service Pack 2), 64 MB RAM available, 20 MB free disk space, 256 color monitor, and a CD-ROM.

Mac system requirements are a Power Macintosh Processor 3 or higher, System 9.1 or above, 64 MB RAM available, 100 MB available disk space, 1024x768 monitor, a CD-ROM, QuickTime 5.0, and CarbonLib 1.4.

Equilibrium DeBabelizer Pro 5, which also runs on the Windows 95, 98, 2000, Windows Millennium Edition, and Windows NT operating systems, has a price of $469.

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