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(Megan Pedersen)’s International Wakeboarding Open

(Megan Pedersen)’s International Wakeboarding Open is a 3D, third-person wakeboarding sports competition that lets the player(s) (single and multiplayer) compete in seven international venues and choreograph their acrobatic maneuvers through each course’s obstacles and wakes. (Megan Pedersen)’s International Wakeboarding Open will appeal to all extreme sports enthusiasts and features the top women’s wakeboarding champion (Megan Pedersen). Wakeboarding has been featured on ESPN, ESPN2, and OLN, reaching over 70 million households. (Megan Pedersen) has won numerous wakeboarding championships, including the Van Triple Crown of Wakeboarding Championship, the Wakeboarding National Championship, the World Championship, and the X Games Championship.

Wakeboarding is the fastest-growing water sport in the world, increasing over 100 percent in participation over the past three years. Wakeboarding is a combination of surfing, skateboarding, snowboarding, and water skiing. A wakeboard looks like a snowboard with a pair of bindings attached to it. The wakeboarder carves turns with body leans and by rocking the board.

(Megan Pedersen)’s International Wakeboarding Open has each player competing in one to all seven countries in the circuit. The participating countries will be the U.S.A. (Orlando, Florida); Sydney, Australia; South Africa, Africa; Tokyo, Japan; Paris, France; Venice, Italy; and Buenos Aires, Argentina. In the single-player mode, the player will practice his maneuvers and learn new ones. Based on the player’s learned skill level, he will be able to compete for the championships. Players need to master the basic skills before attempting the expert tricks and maneuvers. In the multiplayer mode (via the Internet or network), players will take turns competing in one or more countries for individual championships or the Grand Prix of (Megan Pedersen)’s International Wakeboarding Open Circuit Championship.

The intended audience will be males between the ages of 8 and 20 who enjoy extreme sports. Also, since the presence of famed female wakeboarder (Megan Pedersen) is featured, an anticipated female audience of those 8 to 17 is projected. The platform for this game will be the Windows XP as the first release (Windows 2000, 98, Me, and XP compatible) with Microsoft’s Xbox, PlayStation 2, and the Nintendo Game Cube to follow. Similar, successful games have been Tony Hawks’ Pro Skater 2 and 3 (IBM Windows CD version is $29.95 and Xbox version is $49.95), MTV Sports Snowboarding, Konami’s 1080 Snowboarding and X Games Pro Boarder, and EA’s Snowboard Super X (PlayStation 2 version is $49.95 and Nintendo Game Cube version is $52.95). Activision plans to release Shaun Palmer’s Pro Snowboarder, Mat Hoffman’s Pro BMX, Kelly Slater’s Pro Surfer, and Darin Shapiro’s Pro Wakeboarder.

(Megan Pedersen)’s International Wakeboarding Open is a 3D behind the wakeboarder POV where the player controls the boarder’s lateral movement, speed, or forward movement (by signaling to the virtual motorboat), acrobatic maneuvers, and obstacle jumps (the slider, a kicker, and a jump ramp). The game will contain realistic physics, animation, and sound effects. Commentators, including (Megan Pedersen), will describe and evaluate the wakeboarder’s performance. After each performance or routine, the player can use the video replay feature to observe and improve his tricks. Each of the seven unique country locations will have an obstacle course that can be modified by the player before the competition begins. Players will be judged based on the 100-point system for their technical difficulty (“execution,” worth 33.3 points), the “in-air” acrobats (“intensity,” worth 33.4 points), and the seamless flow of the routine (“composition,” worth 33.3 points). Like the real world of competition, each wakeboarder has a two-fall limit.

In the single-player mode, the player can practice his tricks on various obstacles and courses. In order to become a Pro Wakeboarder, the player must successfully show an understanding of the beginner, intermediate, and advanced tricks, grabs, spins, and inverts. (Megan Pedersen) will coach and evaluate the player as he progresses from novice to Pro Wakeboarder status. The beginner wakeboarder can learn simple air maneuvers and grabs like the Butterslide 180, the Surf Carve, and the Ollie Blind 180. Then the player can practice the intermediate tricks like the Indy Blind 180, the Scarecrow, and the Back Roll and finally advance to the difficult inverts, spins, and grabs like the Whirlybird, the Elephant, and the Wrapped KGB.

(Megan Pedersen)’s International Wakeboarding Open will be a highly anticipated arrival into the extreme sports gaming world with its fast-paced, turbo-charged acrobatic maneuvers, realistic sound effects, orchestrated ambient sound track, and commentators describing the wakeboarder’s tricks, as well as having the (Megan Pedersen) name, a dominant female competitor in the world of extreme sports.

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