Chapter 1: The Game Designer


For the past two decades, I’ve met people in the streets who proudly state it to me.

For over twenty years, I’ve chatted with people on planes, trains, buses, and in automobiles who have chatted about it with me.

In every computer superstore and every computer outlet, gaming fans have argued and bragged about it.

For numerous years at computer gaming conferences and conventions, game programmers, graphic artists, and even producers have secretly whispered it to me.

Even now, you the reader are thinking the exact same thoughts:

“I have a concept for the most amazing and revolutionary game.”

“This game of mine will blow away every game that has ever been published.”

“I played the ‘hot game’ and with a few of my additions and real ‘cool’ puzzles or tricks, it could be so much better.”

We all have great gaming concepts that would have millions of gaming fanatics praising our genius and creativity.

Then why aren’t there millions of game designers?

What transpires from concept to a product on the shelf?

Let’s get started and understand the initial tools we need to begin designing this great game that exists in our minds.

Game Design Foundations
Game Design Foundations (Wordware Game and Graphics Library)
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