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Note: On chart, the Straight Flush (including a Royal Flush) and Flush will mark the high card in the winning hand. The flush winning hands will be indicated in the columns marked spades, hearts, diamonds, and clubs (“reverse alpha” order). The chart numbers reflect the winning hands from the currently registered player’s games (not just their winning hands) from all play in either the Poker Room or the Tournament Room.

  • Bookman Demi10 font numbers 0 through 9 (for chart)

  • Bookman Demi14 font numbers 0 through 9 plus the $ and “,” (for upper section)

  • Bookman Demi24 font letters capital A through Z and lowercase a through z (for player’s name)

    The statistics are saved and can be cycled through for each of the poker variations, such as Chicago Hi, Chicago Lo, Five Card Draw, Five Card Draw Jacks or Better, Five Card Stud, Texas Hold ’Em, Omaha, and Seven Card Stud.

  • Close normal, mouse over, and on click buttons

  • Left arrow normal and mouse over to scroll back through the poker variations

  • Right arrow normal and mouse over to scroll forward through the poker variations.

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