Chapter 17: The Executive Summary (The Five Pager

The Executive Summary (aka Five Pager or Design Treatment) is a basic summary of the game’s concept and a description of the game, including the basic plot, the gameplay, the demographics (player’s or target audience’s gender, age), the flow of the game from the starting scenario to several typical endings (successful and unsuccessful), and the game’s features (like graphics, audio presentation, hardware controls, licensed properties). The Executive Summary is a short, concise information and promotion document, ideally five pages, for the executives to grasp your game’s concept, gameplay, and features.

Candide 2517 Design Treatment

Candide 2517 is a space adventure game in third person containing major battles in space, land, and sea, one-on-one fighting, and games of chance. The settings range from beautiful and glamorous to seedy desolate towns through natural disasters such as earthquakes, meteor storms, deluges, and snowy blizzards.

Candide 2517 is based on Candide, Voltaire’s 1759 novelette. It is the adventure of a young man who is pummeled and whipped in every direction by fate, while he desperately clings to the belief that we live in the “best of all possible worlds.” Candide has become Voltaire’s most celebrated work and has been read by millions throughout the years. Candide and the Land of El Dorado have the power of name recognition, which attracts players just like the license of a film, television show, or book would provide without the expensive fees. Since 1956, playhouses from Broadway to London have performed Voltaire’s Candide with original music by Leonard Bernstein.

Candide 2517 will have stunning venues like Myst and space battles as good as the Star Wars games. In several venues, games of chance will be necessary to earn valuables and range from street venues to galley ships to elaborate casinos a la Las Vegas.

The target audience is vast, from teenagers to adults, and includes both sexes. The battles can be played as “twitch” games where quickness and timing win or as strategy versions where the player acts as the general of the space armada.

The first platform will be the IBM PC and Windows 98, 2000, Me, XP using a 3D engine that supports vast planet-size outdoor terrains, as well as the indoor venues such as palaces, casinos, castles, small inns, and single-unit dwellings. Then the Internet version would be next, allowing players on a PC, PlayStation 2, GameCube, or Xbox to play each other in the various battles or adventure independently from planet to planet.

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