FAQs (frequently asked questions), Windows DataGrid newsgroup, 140.
See also resources;
Web sites
Favorites menu, adding Web shortcuts to, 234 “235
File class, example of, 238 “239
file extensions, matching programs to, 246 “247
See also temporary files checking identical status of, 239 “240
functions for reading and writing to, 237 “238
moving, deleting, and attributes, 238 “239
path and extension check in Regex, example of, 315
storing in databases after uploading, 92 “94
uploading when larger than 4MB using ASP.NET, 115
uploading with ASP.NET, 90 “92
FileSystemWatcher components , adding to Windows services, 203
Fill* and Draw* methods used with Graphics objects, explanations of, 276
folder paths, retrieving, 245
folders, organizing projects with, 303 “304
fonts, working with, 271
For XML Auto, adding to SQL statements, 290
foreign key values, retrieving when using
dropdown boxes in Web grids, 163 “165
See also developer secrets for Windows forms applications;
Windows forms displaying in Windows applications, 23
making transparent, 27
maximizing on startup, 23
moving between in MIT, 214
resetting, 37 “38
Forms authentication in ASP.NET, setting up, 100 “102
FTP/HTTP/HTTPS URL regular expression, example of, 320 “321

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