Developer Secrets

Wanting to dive into all those beefy miscellaneous tips and techniques? Here s a rundown of what we re going to cover in this jam-packed chapter....

Working with the Internet

  • Creating Your Own Web Browser

  • How to Snatch the HTML of a Web Page

  • How to Snatch HTML, with a Timeout

  • Tricks of Parsing a Web Page for Links and Images

  • Converting HTML to Text, Easily

  • Real Code for Posting Data to the Web

  • Adding a Web Shortcut to the Favorites

  • Retrieving Your IP Address ”And Why You May Want To

  • Is an Internet Connection Available?

Manipulating Files and Folders

  • Two Easy-to-Use Functions for Reading and Writing Files

  • Files: Moving, Deleting, Attributes, and More!

  • Checking Whether Two Files Are Identical

  • The Trick to Temporary Files

  • Doing Directories

  • Watching a Directory for Changes

  • How Big Is That File ”in English?

  • Retrieving Special Folder Paths

  • Which Program Handles That File Extension?

  • Retrieving a Drive Serial Number

  • The .NET Replacement for App.Path

  • INI Files Will Never Die: How to in .NET

Dates, Numbers, Strings

  • Is That a Whole Number, or Not?

  • Checking for a Date the Intelligent .NET Way

  • 1st, 2nd, 3rd: Using Ordinal Numbers in Your App

  • Random Numbers That Work!

  • Finding the Number of Days in a Month

  • Adding and Subtracting Days, Months, Years

  • Calculating the Next Working Day

  • Easy Check for a Leap Year

  • Figuring out Quarters

  • Calculating the Years Between Two Dates

  • Converting a String to Proper Case

  • Storing Text Snippets on the Clipboard

  • Generating Memorable Passwords, Automatically

  • Encryption in Just Twelve Lines of Code

  • Implementing Powerful MD5 Encryption

  • Converting a String into the Color Type

  • Binding a Combo Box to Enumeration Values

Graphics and Fonts

  • Designing Your Own Arty Icons

  • The Basics of Working with Fonts

  • Crafty Conversion Between Graphic Formats

  • Rotating and Flipping Is Easy!

  • Drawing with Windows Forms

  • Add an Exciting Gradient Backdrop, in Code!

  • Starting Your Own Screensaver

Using the Registry and Event Log

  • How to Read and Write the Registry

  • Putting Messages in the Event Log

Distributed Computing

  • The Cheat s Guide to XML

  • Six Steps to Basic Transactions with COM+

  • Quick Guide to Using MSMQ

  • Which to Choose: Web Services vs. Remoting

Visual Studio Tips

  • Writing a Developer TODO: List

  • Storing Often-Used Code in the Toolbox

  • Organizing Your Project with Folders

  • Figuring out the Command Window

  • Discovering Whether You re Running in the IDE

  • Saving Time by Recording Macros

  • Using the VS .NET Command Prompt

  • The Old School: Upgrading, COM, and the API

The Ultimate VB .NET and ASP.NET Code Book
The Ultimate VB .NET and ASP.NET Code Book
ISBN: 1590591062
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2003
Pages: 76
Authors: Karl Moore

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