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Sams Teach Yourself ASP.NET in 21 Days, Second Edition
By Chris Payne
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Day 18.  Configuring and Deploying ASP.NET Applications

That's Not ASP!

Today's lesson presents a number of large changes from classic ASP. Configuration and deployment in ASP.NET are much more refined and easy to implement than ASP, so developers may take some time getting used to the new system.

One thing that hasn't changed, at least in implementation, is the use of a file to control application events. In classic ASP, this was global.asa, and in ASP.NET, global.asax. Both files are fully compatible. If migrating your application from ASP to ASP.NET, you can simply copy the contents of global.asa to the new file, and be assured that your application will still function. There are differences behind the scenes, however. For example, in ASP.NET, global.asax is compiled to a .NET class. In classic ASP, the code in global.asa was interpreted, just as .asp pages were.

The configuration system is very different. With ASP, all settings had to be configured through IIS or other system applications. This typically required someone to be physically located at the server. Additionally, it was difficult to set up different settings for different applications or pieces within an application.

With ASP.NET, all settings that were modifiable in ASP (and then some) are now contained in XML files, which means that they are easy to modify. A text editor is all you need to change settings, and you can simply upload them to the server to apply them.

Additionally, the hierarchical ASP.NET configuration system allows much more granular control over the application than did classic ASP. You can limit settings to only a certain file or directory, control exactly how the ASP.NET process behaves, and even where to store session information. The web.config files are fully extensible, so you can add your own settings as well.

Finally, the new deployment paradigm might be an ASP developer's dream. No installation is necessary, registering components is now eliminated, and configuration settings are easily transferred from server to server. All that is required is copying the appropriate files. Never has application installation been so easy!


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