Chapter 4. Forms, Controls, and Other Useful Objects


    Recipe 4.1.  Creating and Adding Controls at Runtime

    Recipe 4.2.  Iterating Through All Controls on a Form

    Recipe 4.3.  Sharing Event-Handler Logic Among Many Controls

    Recipe 4.4.  Working with Timers

    Recipe 4.5.  Determining If a Control Can Take the Focus

    Recipe 4.6.  Programmatically Clicking a Button

    Recipe 4.7.  Drawing a Control

    Recipe 4.8.  Making a Form the Top-Most Form

    Recipe 4.9.  Indicating the Accept and Cancel Buttons on a Form

    Recipe 4.10.  Remembering a Form's Position Between Uses

    Recipe 4.11.  Attaching a Control to the Edge of a Form

    Recipe 4.12.  Moving or Resizing Controls as a Form Resizes

    Recipe 4.13.  Limiting the Sizing of a Form

    Recipe 4.14.  Centering a Form

    Recipe 4.15.  Creating and Moving a Borderless Form

    Recipe 4.16.  Creating a Fading Form

    Recipe 4.17.  Creating a Nonrectangular Form

    Recipe 4.18.  Changing Menus at Runtime

    Recipe 4.19.  Creating Shortcut Menus

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