Performing Advanced ISA Administration

Occasionally, ISA administrators need to perform specific advanced administrative actions, such as renaming an ISA Server within the console and administering multiple ISA Servers at the same times. These techniques are important to understand, even if just at the conceptual level.

Renaming an ISA Server in the Console

An ISA Server cannot be renamed unless the server itself is reinstalled, which can cause problems in certain circumstances when the name of the server is required to change, either through corporate mergers or other restructuring. Fortunately, the name can be changed in the console if necessary, through the following procedure:


From the ISA Server Console, right-click the server's name in the console tree and choose Properties.


Enter a new name for the server in the name field, shown in Figure 16.14, and click OK.

Figure 16.14. Renaming an ISA Server in the Console.


Click the Apply button and click OK.

Administering Multiple ISA Servers

The ISA Server Console is capable of administering multiple ISA Servers in an environment easily. Those servers only need to be added directly into the console. The only consideration in these circumstances is that the user account used to access each of the ISA servers ideally should be identical. If not, the administrator is required to authenticate each individual user when the server itself is accessed. To add an additional ISA Server to the console, do the following:


From the ISA Server Console, right-click on the very top item, labeled Microsoft Internet Security and Acceleration Server 2004, and choose Connect To, as shown in Figure 16.15.

Figure 16.15. Adding multiple ISA Servers to an ISA Admin Console.


Select Another Computer (Remote Management) from the list, and enter the name of the computer.


Select whether to use the same credentials or different credentials (enter them as necessary) and click OK.

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