Edit Commands


Command Menu Mac Win
Undo Edit Undo Cmd + Z Ctrl + Z
Redo Edit Redo Cmd + Z Ctrl + Z
Toggle Undo/Redo Last Step Edit Undo/Redo Cmd + Z Ctrl + Z

Step Backward/Forward


Menu: History Step Forward

Mac: Cmd + Shift + Cmd + Z

Win: Ctrl + Shift + Ctrl + Z

Menu: History Step Backward

Mac: Cmd + Option + Z

Win: Ctrl + Alt + Z

Photoshop 6 and ImageReady 3 allow you to choose from three different Redo shortcuts via the General Preferences. You can switch the Redo keystroke to match ImageReady, match Microsoft style, or remain Photoshop style.

Note: Picking anything other than Photoshop style removes the ability to undo and redo history via the keyboard. If you decide to use an option other that Photoshop style, you can still use the History palette to perform multiple undo and redo.

The default in Photoshop 6 is that (Cmd + Z) [Ctrl + Z] toggles between undo and redo of the last thing you did. The default in ImageReady for (Cmd + Z) [Ctrl + Z] is set to multiple undo.

Here is what happens when you change the preferences:

Redo Key Preference setting History State Backward History State Forward Toggle Undo/Redo
(Cmd + Z) (Cmd + Option+ Z) (Cmd + Shift+ Z) (Cmd + Z)
[Ctrl + Z] [Ctrl+ Alt + Z] [Ctrl + Shift + Z] [Ctrl + Z]
(Toggles Undo/Redo)      
(Cmd + Shift + Z) (Cmd + Z) (Cmd + Shift + Z) (Cmd + Option + Z)
[Ctrl + Shift + Z] [Ctrl + Z] [Ctrl + Shift + Z] [Ctrl + Alt + Z]
(Cmd + Y) (Cmd + Z) (Cmd + Y) (Cmd + Option + Z)
[Ctrl + Y] [Ctrl + Z] [Ctrl + Y] [Ctrl + Alt + Z]



Menu: Edit Fade name of the filter or command

Mac: Cmd + Shift + F

Win: Ctrl + Shift + F

This is a great shortcut to adjust the intensity of a particular effect, such as a brush stroke or filter, by playing with the opacity or the blend mode of the applied effect. "Fade" is something of a misnomer because the command can also add intensity (for example, raising the opacity a brush stroke applied at 35% to 70%). In Photoshop 5.5, you'll find the menu item under the Filter menu.



Menu: Edit Cut

Mac: Cmd + X

Win: Ctrl + X



Menu: Edit Copy

Mac: Cmd + C

Win: Ctrl + C

Copy Merged


Menu: Edit Copy Merged

Mac: Cmd + Shift + C

Win: Ctrl + Shift + C



Menu: Edit Paste

Mac: Cmd + V

Win: Ctrl + V

Paste Into


Menu: Edit Paste Into

Mac: Cmd + Shift + V

Win: Ctrl + Shift + V

Copy HTML Code for Selected Slices


Menu: Edit Copy HTML Code Copy Selected Slices

Mac: Cmd + Option + C

Win: Ctrl + Alt + C

Photoshop 7 Power Shortcuts
Photoshop 7 Power Shortcuts
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