Chapter 11. Focus on the UI

Testing the database and the User Interface (UI) is hard. We discussed testing of the database in Chapter 6, "Preparing for Infrastructure," but I owe it to you to have some material about testing of the UI as well. You'll find quite a lot of that in this chapter.

We will also discuss UI design that is more in line with DDD than usual, at least when compared to Rapid Application Development (RAD) in .NET. We will do that by investigating the Model-View-Controller (MVC) and Model-View-Presenter (MVP) patterns.

We will also look at other types of mapping: not object relational mapping this time, but object-to-object mapping and UI mapping.

But first of all, to get us into the right mood, here is a "prepilogue" by my old friend Dan Byströ. What's a "prepilogue" you may ask? It's an early or "pre" epilogue. I asked Dan to write a short epilogue for my book. What he came up with was good and fitting, but on reflection, it was more like an introduction to the last chapter rather than an ending to the book. So here is Dan's prepilogue.

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