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Mahalo is a transaction manager supplied by Sun as part of the Jini distribution. It can be used without any changes. It runs as a Jini service, like reggie , and like all Jini services it has two parts : the part that runs as a server, needing its own set of class files in mahalo.jar , and the set of class files that need to be available to clients in mahalo-dl.jar . It also needs a security policy, an HTTP server, and log files.

Mahalo can be started using a command line like this:

 java -Djava.security.policy=policy.all \      -Dcom.sun.jini.mahalo.managerName=TransactionManager \      -jar /home/jan/tmpdir/jini1_0/lib/mahalo.jar \      http://`hostname':8080/mahalo-dl.jar \      /home/jan/projects/jini/doc/policy.all \      /tmp/mahalo_log public & 

A Programmer[ap]s Guide to Jini Technology
A Programmer[ap]s Guide to Jini Technology
ISBN: 1893115801
Year: 2000
Pages: 189

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