Upgrading Sensors to IDS 4.0 Preparations

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If you are running older IDS software such as 3.x, you should upgrade your sensor to the latest versions (4.0 or later). This version upgrade is no small task. In the following subsections, we cover just some of the aspects of sensor preparation you must address before you perform an upgrade. The upgrade process removes all your sensor settings and completely wipes the hard drives of the system, so be prepared by following the recommendations offered here. With that said, we also recommend that you go to Cisco's Web site and get the latest upgrade documentation before attempting to perform the upgrade.

IDS-4210 and IDS-4220 Upgrade Preparation

Before performing an upgrade on a 4210 or 4220 sensor, you need to expand the sensor's memory. Normally, these sensor models have only 256MB of memory, which isn't enough to run the new IDS software. Add memory to reach at least 512MB of RAM before you attempt to upgrade the sensor.

IDS-4220-E and IDS-4230-FE Upgrade Preparation

The IDS 4.0 software changes which interfaces the 4220 and 4230 models use for the monitoring and command and control. Just before you upgrade your sensor, you need to swap the cables that connect to these interfaces. If you don't, your system might start sensing the management network, which is not something you typically desire your system to do.


Make sure you know that on 4220 and 4230, you have to swap the monitoring and command and control interface cables before you upgrade.

IDS-4235 and IDS-4250 Upgrade Preparation

You must upgrade the 4235 or 4250 BIOS to BIOS version A04 or later before upgrading to IDS software version 4.0. If you perform an upgrade without having updated the BIOS, your IDS might hang during the boot processes. Finally, be aware that you must use the keyboard and monitor connections, not the console port, to perform the BIOS upgrade.

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CSIDS Exam Cram 2 (Exam 642-531)
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