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& (ampersand), concatenation operator
* (asterisk), multiplication operator
\ (backslash)
     in literal strings
     variable names
^ (caret), exponentiation operator
: (colon)
     handler definition and call
     in handler definition and call
     in Macintosh pathnames
     POSIX path, don't use in
     record, name-value separator
, (comma)
     in global declaration
     in local declaration
     separating list items
     separating parameters 2nd
     separating record items
     thousands separator illegal
- - (comment delimiter)
     inside comment delimiters
(* and *) (comment delimiters)
     commenting out
¬ (continuation character) 2nd
     how used in this book
     moved or removed by decompilation
     must be last thing in line
{ } (curly braces)
     delimiting lists
     delimiting records
= (equals sign), equality operator 2nd
     assignment, not 2nd
(greater than or equal to)
> (greater than)
« » (guillemets)
     constructing data class object
     entering 2nd
     raw four-letter code, entering
(less than or equal to)
< (less than)
- (minus sign), subtraction and unary negation operator
<> (not equal to), doesnt exist
!= (not equal to), doesn't exist
(not equals sign), inequality operator
( ) (parentheses)
     handler definition and call
     interpretation of commands
     order of operations
+ (plus sign), addition operator
     concatenation, not overloaded for
" (quotation marks)
     delimiting literal strings
     in comment delimiters
     in literal strings
     quote global property
     string comparisons and
' (single quote)
     delimiting four-letter code
     string comparisons and
/ (slash), division (real) operator
| (vertical bars)
     appear spontaneously
     in comment delimiters
     in variable names
     legalize illegal variable names
     prevent terminology clash 2nd 3rd
     record item name (user property)
     retarget handler call
- - - - (direct object) 2nd
     optional or required
<= (abbreviation for )
>= (abbreviation for )

AppleScript. The Definitive Guide
AppleScript: The Definitive Guide, 2nd Edition
ISBN: 0596102119
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Year: 2006
Pages: 267
Authors: Matt Neuburg

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