Still Images, Effects, and Transitions

iMovie makes it simple to apply effects and transitions to images that you've added to your project. In fact, there is virtually no difference between working with still or Ken Burns effect image clips and video clips. There are two specific situations, however, when you may be prompted to do something that isn't quite clear:

  • Increase Clip Duration ” Sometimes the length of a still image clip isn't long enough for a given transition (a wipe/fade/etc.) to be applied. In this case, iMovie will tell you that the clip must be longer. All you need to do is adjust the duration (as discussed previously).

  • Convert Still Clip to Regular Clips ” Sometimes, when you apply an effect that changes over time ”like "Earthquake" that makes each frame shift slightly to create a "shaking" appearance ”iMovie will state "This effect generates different results for each frame, which will not show up on Still Clips", as seen in Figure 16.9.

    Figure 16.9. Some effects require that still clips be converted into regular clips.


In order to apply the effect, iMovie must effectively change the still image into a video clip. Click the Convert button when prompted, and iMovie will render the effect. The only drawback to this is that, like an image with the Ken Burns effect added, you won't be able to change the duration as you would with a normal still image. In order to revert to a normal still clip, you'll need to delete the converted clip, and re-add the original image.

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