Unpacking Your New Mac

Before you unpack your new Mac, find a convenient table or desk for it. It's not too large to fit on a small desk, but many of you will purchase a special table for it. In addition, you might want to buy a mouse pad, although it's not necessary on recent Macs because they use an optical mouse that can work just fine on any smooth surface.


As with any new purchase, before you attempt to use your new computer give it a once over for visible signs of damage. If something looks broken (or the shipping box is badly damaged), contact your dealer for help. It's a good idea not to try to attempt to use a computer that might be damaged until it has been checked or (if need be) repaired. What's more, most dealers will exchange a computer that's DOA (dead on arrival).

Regardless of where you place it, you'll want to think about the following setup for maximum comfort :

  • Make sure your shoulders are in a relaxed position when you set up the keyboard. Apple suggests putting your upper arm and forearm at a right angle, wrist and hand making roughly a straight line. Then again, at my age, I doubt that I'm going to change the positions I've learned over the decades.

  • The mouse is best placed at the same height as the keyboard. If you buy a computer table with one of those slide-out trays for a keyboard, make sure it's wide enough to hold the mouse, too.

  • Don't forget a comfortable chair that provides good support and a reasonable amount of adjustments so that you can easily tailor it to your needs, and the needs of others who might be using your Mac.

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Sams Teach Yourself Mac OS X Digital Media All In One
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