Capturing Video

When you capture video, one of the nice things that iMovie can do is separate your clips for you. After you shoot video with your camcorder, wherever you pressed Stop and then started shooting a new clip, iMovie is able to separate the clips automatically.

Task: Capturing Video from Your Camcorder

After you've completed the two previous tasks (connecting your camcorder and finding a spot in your tape to start recording), follow these steps:

  1. Open iMovie and start a new project.

  2. Switch the Camera/Edit Mode switch to the Camera position (DV) (see Figure 14.11).

    Figure 14.11. Switching to Camera mode to connect with the camera.


  3. Click the Import button to start importing footage (refer to Figure 14.5).

  4. When you've captured your video, click the Stop button.

  5. Now click the Camera/Edit Mode switch (see Figure 14.12) and drag it to the right to switch back to Movie mode so that you can begin to work with your clips.

    Figure 14.12. The Camera/Edit mode button back in Edit Mode position.



One thing to keep in mind when capturing video is that you must keep an eye on the amount of space available on your hard drive. A common technique is to capture more footage than you think you'll use, and then as you're editing your iMovies, you can delete clips you don't need, which frees up space. Another thing to consider if you're planning to export your iMovies to use in an iDVD project (see Chapter 17, "Exporting iMovies") is that when you export the file, you need just as much space as your project is taking upin other words, when you export for iDVD, you need more space.

So, when you get hooked on iMovie (not if , but when it's inevitable), you'll probably need to start thinking about ways of backing up your projects or expanding the amount of hard drive space you have available. One option is to obtain an external FireWire hard drive. Another option is to store projects on individual DVD discs as data. In other words, instead of burning an iDVD project, you burn all your files to a blank DVD disc so that you can free up hard drive space (see official Web site).

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