Chapter 5. Applications and Target Markets

    Section 5.1.  Introduction

    Section 5.2.  Initial Mass Market Opportunities

    Section 5.3.  Speed-to-Market Advantages

    Section 5.4.  Driving CE, PC, and Mobile Industry Convergence

    Section 5.5.  Existing Potential Markets

    Section 5.6.  Target Consumer Electronics Products

    Section 5.7.  Target PC-Oriented Markets

    Section 5.8.  UWB in Consumer Electronics Devices

    Section 5.9.  UWB for PC-Oriented Applications

    Section 5.10.  Future Mass Market

    Section 5.11.  Adoption Timeline

    Section 5.12.  Additional and Niche Markets

    Section 5.13.  UWB Market Players

    Section 5.14.  Summary



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Ultra-Wideband Communications: Fundamentals and Applications
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