Chapter 8: Multimedia in Fedora


In this chapter, you learn to add sound, video, digital images, and other multimedia support to your Fedora system. The chapter describes how to configure a sound card to work with Fedora. Then it tells you how to get and use software to play music CDs and a variety of sound formats from your Fedora system.

Video content that is readily available on the Internet in formats such as AVI, OGG, and QuickTime can be viewed using several different players in or available for Fedora Core 3. Also, you can view live television and video using TV cards and Webcams.

Because CD-ROM is the medium of choice for recorded music, this chapter describes how to set up and use CD burners to create your own music CDs. After your CD burner is set up to record music, you can use the same CD burner to back up your data or to create software CDs. (The same tools can be used to burn DVDs as well.)

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