With the addition of hot titles such as Doom 3, Far Cry and EverQuest 2 to the list of playable titles, Linux continues to grow as a gaming platform. You can spend plenty of late nights gaming on Linux. Old UNIX games that have made their way to Linux include a variety of X Window-based games. There are card games, strategy games, and some action games for those less inclined to spend 36 hours playing Doom 3.

On the commercial front, Civilization: Call to Power for Linux and Myth II are available to use on your Fedora system. Unfortunately these will probably disappear because Loki Software (which ported those applications to Linux) went out of business. Fortunately, the future of high-end Linux gaming seems to be in the hands of TransGaming Technologies, which has created Cedega from previous WINE technology to allow Windows games to run in Linux. It is also in the hands of cutting-edge developers (id Software) and hardware manufacturers (NVIDIA and ATi) who are expanding driver and application support for Linux.

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