Related Patterns

Several patterns relate to the business object collection, mostly because of a use or used by relationship. For example, a business object collection uses the Business Object pattern. The following are common relationships:

Business Object: Collections contain business objects. The primary difference between the business object in Chapter 6, "Exploring the Business Object Pattern," and the business object considered in this chapter is the change in the business object from being the service implementation in Chapter 6 to being merely a complex type with a specific structure in this chapter.

Business Process: The Business Process pattern leverages collections throughout common processes, such as sales order entry and customer contact processes. In fact, many methods on business object collections represent business processes, such as creation of a sales order and a customer.

Partial Population: As demonstrated in the chapter example, there are cases where you only need simple pieces of data yet you receive complex data. This practice burdens the network, client, and server memory, and it strains the performance and scalability of your system. Using partial population can relieve these problems.

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